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at Spokane Sports And Physical Therapy!!! Whatever your sport or recreational interest we can help you achieve your goals or recover from injury here at Spokane Sports and Physical Therapy. We have the most advanced sports injury rehab treatment clinic in Spokane WA. We treat athletes of all ages, sports and levels of ability.   Children’s sports are an area of emphasis in our practice, ensuring that kids participate in sports safely and recover from any injuries quickly avoiding long-term negative effects which often result from injuries which are not correctly taking care of. We are also certified in Sportsmetric training enabling us to train younger athletes to
effectively avoid lower extremity injuries.   If you been injured playing a sport or recreational activity rest assured that we will treat your injury with a high level of skill and expertise returning you to that sport as soon as possible.

Spokane Sports and Physical Therapy: Experts in rehabilitation for exercise and sports physical therapy.

Many insurance plans will allow you to see a physical therapist without a doctor’s prescription, but you must check with your plan. Washington state allows physical therapy without referral from a physician and our clinic offers scheduling within 24 hours in order to relieve your symptoms and maintain a steady progressive training program. Call Spokane Sports and Physical Therapy or your Doctor if you feel that you have an injury which you are unable to resolve.